It’s A New Season : MWestStyle Turns One!

Hello beautiful people welcome back to my blog! I’m finally back with another post after a brief much needed hiatus, but I’m happy to give you guys an update on life! One year ago I wrote my first post about Why I Chose To Be Single For A Year and received a lot of positive responses and support from it. I decided to embrace my single season two years ago and focus on my purpose and ultimately God’s will for my life. From that season MWestStyle was formed a year later and I’ve had the chance to share my story and experiences all while staying true to who I am. I never thought I would become a Christian Lifestyle/Fashion blogger, in fact if you had told me I would be openly talking about the things I have been through and my journey as a young Christian woman like three years ago I would have laughed in your face. But God of course had other ideas and His will, as you can see, will always be done.

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A young extremely happy single Muriel chilling in Seattle in her pajamas
When I go back and read my first post I can always remember exactly how I felt that day writing it. I remember being so excited about completing the first year of such an exciting journey and I was ready to see what else God had in store. But one of the biggest things that happened after the first year was I decided to be serious about praying for my future husband and preparing to be a wife. One of my prayers was that for God to start molding me into the wife He wanted me to be and what my husband deserved. Needless to say he starting doing just that because I noticed a difference in my actions and the way I started handling things. During this past year God allowed me to finally heal from the past hurt so that I wouldn’t carry that with me to my future relationship. He also allowed some doors and relationships to end that I, at the time, desperately wanted to keep, which I’m ultimately glad he did. At the time it didn’t make sense what was happening in my life but now the pieces have finally been put together.

I embraced my single season for two years and was preparing to go into the third when God decided to shake things up yet again in my life. On New Years 2016 a young man by the name of Devon saw my picture on our friend’s snap chat story and immediately showed interest. He said he thought I was beautiful and tried to pursue me then but was shut down by our friend who would not give him a lot of information about me. Fast forward to this year I was on Face Time one night with our mutual friend when she handed the phone off to her friend. Lo and behold the next face I see is Devon’s face and I’m baffled. Number one reason it’s late at night so I’m in my bed with no makeup on and wearing my bonnet, talk about a great first impression huh? He had realized I was the same girl from a year ago and wanted to talk to me, so after ten minutes or so of us talking he asked me if it was okay to get my number from our friend. I told him it was okay and he text me that night so I could have his number and face timed me the next day.

Going through these past two years embracing my single season have been some of the greatest moments of my life. I was able to grow closer to God and really get to know my self again. Before I decided to fully embrace this season I was in an extremely low place in my life. I was at a point where I didn’t love myself and I felt like I wasn’t able to be loved. So after going through ALL of that I was able to finally allow God to heal my heart and teach me how to love properly. He first showed me how to love myself the way He loved me, next was how to love His people, and finally how to love of a man of God. When all of that had been completed he brought Devon and I together.

Y’all God truly out did Him self  and has now given given me the most amazing testimony. He has blessed me with a man who truly loves God more than he loves me. I honestly didn’t even know guys like Devon existed that’s how shook I was by this. I remember after a few weeks of us  getting to know each other my feelings started changing from “oh this is just a guy who I think is cute and we have great conversations” to ” oh gosh,  I think I’m actually starting to have real feelings for him”. It got to the point that one day I was standing in my bathroom and I asked God that if Devon wasn’t the one then don’t let me catch feelings, and yes I said it just like that. Yet here we are and I’ve caught all of the feelings . It’s exciting to be able to experience this kind of love with someone because it just lets me know even more how awesome God is. He put together two imperfect people who weren’t looking for each other and formed a relationship where He is the center and gets the glory.

To my sisters and brothers in Christ I want to encourage you today by telling you the wait is worth it. I understand it gets hard sometimes, BELIEVE ME I know! Literally a few months before I met Devon I told my parents that maybe it wasn’t in God’s will for me to be married and that I was content with that. Now here I am completely head over heels in love with the love of my life and I’m excited to see where God takes us next in this journey. Trust God and His will for your life! Don’t compare your journey to others because it will never match up for what God is going to do through and for you. What is for you will always be for you and it’s imperative to know that.

This does wrap up yet another post but I would like to end things a little differently! This past year of blogging has been amazing and has opened up so many doors for me. I want to thank my family, my man, and my amazing friends for their constant support! Finally I want to thank you, my beautiful readers, for giving me the most amazing feedback, I honestly wouldn’t have had the motivation to keep going if it wasn’t for you all!

One year down and forever to go y’all! So as always stay gorgeous and I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!


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