Embracing Your Single Season: How Do I Start The Journey?

Hola Babes and welcome back to my site! I’m super excited to present this post to you because it’s definitely been a long time coming. So two years ago this month I decided to embrace my single season, so for me that meant I stopped dating completely and went back to the basics.

I started this journey for a few different reasons, the main one being that my relationship with God was in shambles and it was definitely starting to show in my life. Let me just say I will never live outside of God’s will again, I learned the hard way that I do not want to be about that life lol. Another reason was I had lost myself in previous relationships and became a person I didn’t recognize and instead of being what I thought people wanted me to be I focused on who God  made me to be.

So, I’ve recently have been getting questions on how I started embracing this season and what I’ve been doing throughout this journey! I have a post already called 10 Things To Do While Embracing Your Single Season, where I suggested a list of things you should do during this season. This post will be a little different, today we will discuss some of the things I did to get started.

Ok y’all so I had no idea what I was doing when I first started. I had no idea how to be alone actually the thought of it scared me. I had grown so used to becoming whatever girl I thought the guy I was dating at the time wanted that I end up losing who I was. So the first few months I took time getting to know Muriel. I went out to eat by myself and various other activities. I stopped going out and spent most of my nights at home. Before I knew it I started feeling like myself again, I started focusing on God and His will for my life and stopped listening to the opinions of others.

Now before I go in to this next part, I do want to stressed that your walk and relationship with God is not going to be like mine, the person next to you at church, or even your closest friend. God has an extremely unique relationship with just you which is what makes it so special. I’m just going to share some of things that work for me and helped me grow my relationship with God and you can go from there.

So I’ll start first with books and bible studies. One of the books I read in the very beginning was The Purpose Driven Life . This book really helped me as far as learning about the different forms of worship and look at how intimate and amazing a relationship with God really was. It played a huge part in how I prayed in a way that I no longer viewed my praying as something I did because I was taught to, but became something so much more. I started viewing my prayers as my direct contact with God and how ultimately this is how I would communicate with Him about anything I was feeling. The second book I chose to read was actually a bible study by Priscilla Shirer called Armor of God  which is AMAZING. Priscilla is such an amazing Woman of God, I’ve had the pleasure of hearing her speak live and when I really need an encouraging word I always go to You Tube and search for one of her messages. What I love the most about Priscilla is she speaks in a way like you all are just two friends sitting in a coffee shop talking about Jesus. Other than my mom, she is definitely one my role models as a woman of God. The last book I have to share is one I bought this year! One of my prayers was for God to please show me how to love a man of God properly and not too long afterward I was led to buy this book. So if you follow me on snapchat (@muhhreeyull) or on Instagram (@mur.west) you probably have seen me post prayers from 31 Prayers For My Future Husband. When I tell you that book has been such a blessing, because even though I was choosing to embrace the season God had placed me in I still wanted to pray for my future husband. I actually had the book recommended to me on Facebook as an ad and I’m glad it was. I definitely encourage buying this book if you have a desire to be married, and for my fellas there is a book for you as well to pray for your future wives!

Finally one of last things I did while getting started was having intentional quiet time. So I would set time out of my day and for about 30 minutes or so I would just sit in God’s presence. Some days I felt He was there and some days I felt like He wasn’t. How I prepared for this quiet time was by putting on my favorite worship playlist and sitting quietly allowing the Holy Spirit to take over and allow me to go in to my secret place with God.

Honestly y’all this season you’re in is an amazing one. You have the opportunity to really dedicate your life to God and allow Him to use you in ways that you never thought were possible. If you would have told me that I would be a Christian blogger and also leading a young girl ministry like three years ago I would have laughed in your face and asked what was the move for the weekend. But of course God had other plans and even though I was hardheaded and He had to gather me up a few times, everything worked out according to His will.

I’m excited you as my reader have decided to embark on this journey and I promise its the best decision you could ever make other than accepting Jesus as your Lord and Savior! If any of you have questions or just need to vent and talk please don’t hesitate to mesage me on my social media accounts or even on here! This journey is tough and we need to stick together lol.

This does wrap up another post and as always Stay Gorgeous and I Love You!


2 thoughts on “Embracing Your Single Season: How Do I Start The Journey?

  1. I always look forward to reading your posts! You are so encouraging, keep going girl. God is good & there is no limit to what he’s doing for you!

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