Oh, How He Loves Us So…

Hey y’all! Welcome back to my site for another post! Now this time I’m doing something a little different. It’s pretty late while I’m writing this but my mind is racing and that combined with a stuffy nose( I’m currently sick lol) I’m not falling asleep any time soon.  So I thought why not just share my thoughts with y’all! I remember one of things that was important to me when starting this blog was I wanted to be very transparent with my audience.

So recently I’ve been in a funk and I’ve just barely been going through the motions to get by. I felt incomplete and I decided to take a step back and figure out why I was feeling this way. A lot of things hit me at once when I took this step back, I wasn’t content with my current position at my job, I’d fallen victim of comparing my journey to my peers and I was feeling distant from God. Then it hit me, that was the problem, my distance from God. I’ll admit I haven’t been praying the way I should be and I wasn’t spending time in the word.

Y’all when we’re separated from God this gives the enemy an entrance into our minds. When I distanced myself from my Lord and savior the enemy started planting those seeds of destruction in my mind. The spirit of uncertainty, the spirit of fear, the spirit of discontentment, the spirit of envy, and I could go on. All of those things are not of God and he would never give them to us! God loves us so much in spite of what we deserve. I’m listening to the song How He Loves by David and Nicole Binion with Covenant worship and the main part of the song says “He loves us, oh how He loves us, oh how He Loves us, oh how he loves” . Those three simple words shook me to my core and it’s amazing after I’ve pushed away so much God still fights for me and still loves me. I am not worthy of this kind of love y’all and yet God still loves me. I feel like I’m close to rambling now lol but I’ll end to say this.

I don’t know who this is for but you need to know that God loves you. In spite of what you may have done or said he still loves you. It doesn’t matter how bad it may seem right now and it may look like the end, God still loves you and he will always love you. Weapons may form against you but they will NEVER prosper. God is bigger than any battle you may have going on in your life and he loves you. His love is so amazing and pure and we aren’t worthy but he loves us anyway! In fact he loves us so much that he sent his most precious gift to this earth to die for ALL of our sins so that we might have a chance of eternal life. He loves me and you THAT much!!! Like that blows my mind every time. It’s so reaussring to know that someone loves me that much in spite of who I am.

This does wrap up another post and I thank y’all for allowing me to get this off my chest. For all of my prayer warriors I just ask that you keep me lifted to be more in the word and seek God even more than before! Thank you in advance and I will see y’all in my next post.

As always I love you and stay gorgeous,


2 thoughts on “Oh, How He Loves Us So…

  1. I needed to read that. I’ve been dealing with so much anxiety and feelings of uncertainty. Sometimes I feel like God has forgotten about me and that he doesn’t care about my pain. I know he loves me but sometimes I just can’t feel his love.

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  2. Hey girl! Trust me I know exactly how you feel and the way I combat that is with prayer. Because I know that feeling is just the enemy trying to use his seeds of deception to deter me away from the real thing which is Jesus! Just know that no matter what you may feel that God loves you and he will never stop loving for fighting for you!


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