Everyone Can’t Come Where God Is Taking You!

Hey y’all! Welcome back to my site for another post! So today I want to touch on a subject that has been hitting close to home lately. I mean most of my posts hit close to home lol but this one has been especially relevant in my life.

So, when I started getting serious about my walk with God I noticed quickly how lonely initially it was. Meaning that a lot of things my friends at the time were doing wasn’t  really beneficial to my walk and I felt left out because a part of me still wanted to do those things. So I did lol and I will admit that it was fun, well at least temporarily, until I felt absolutely horrible which was something new. I never felt convicted for doing what I used to always do. At that moment I came to the realization that if I was going to be serious about walking with God that I was going to have to let some things but most importantly some people go.

I remember praying for God to remove people out of my life that should not be there. I also asked him to place people in my life that will strengthen my walk and lead me closer to him. It’s safe to say that God definitely answered both of those prayers and it changed my life. I first started noticing I was losing friends probably around last year. I lost the desire to do a lot of the things they were doing and ended up just feeling out of place. Now with those relationships I was okay with because even though I had a great time I didn’t really connect with them as much as others. The one that hurt the most is not speaking to someone who I’ve known for years. I’m talking about at one time it was rare that I would go a day without speaking to them, and eventually they just became like family to me. I noticed things were changing and I wasn’t pleased in the slightest. I didn’t understand why someone I had been so close to for years was being taken away from me but what I realized is this. 

Everyone can not come with you to the next season God is taking you. Let me repeat that again just in case you didn’t get it the first time. EVERYONE CAN NOT COME WITH YOU TO THE NEXT SEASON GOD IS TAKING YOU. They just can’t. God places people in our lives for a purpose and once they have fulfilled their purpose his will is done. When you submit yourself to God and his will he will literally change everything about you. He will open doors you thought could never be opened and take you places you thought you weren’t even qualified to be in the midst of. The thing is though that the people you were around before most likely won’t be able to come with you and that’s okay. They have served there purpose in your life and it’s time for you to move on. This doesn’t mean necessarily that you all will never talk again or anything like that either. There will just be a visible change because your mindset is different and God needs you to be focused and ready for the next level he is going to take you. For instance I knew that I had really changed when I went out for a friend’s birthday and Muriel from like two years ago would have been lit and just ready to turn up! But as I sat there and I looked around at the scene and the people and I just felt an overwhelming feeling that I didn’t want this lifestyle. It wasn’t fulfilling anymore and I just felt uncomfortable. What I realized is that God can’t use me if I’m still trying to hold on to things and people that would hold me back from what God had planned for me. So as hard is it was and still is, I let go, and you need to as well.

When you’re a young adult and a christian I know first hand how lonely it can be but the great thing is you aren’t alone. A good thing to do is pray for God to first remove the people out of your life that serve no purpose or that are keeping you from focusing on him and then for him to send you godly friends. I prayed that God will place friends in my life that I could talk to God about openly and freely and that we could hold each other accountable and he did just that! I also would suggest checking out local churches in your area for youth groups and youth services!

Remember Romans 8:28 says ” And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” Just keep your head up and your faith strong and I promise everything is going to work out!

This does wrap up another post so until next time…

Stay Gorgeous and I love you!




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