Because Women Love Brunch Event + OOTD 

Hello Gorgeous People!

I am finally back with another post so sorry it’s taken so long lol! So this past Saturday I had the pleasure of attending an event called Because Women Love Brunch hosted by the founder Ms. Amanda Bell! I had originally heard about this event after seeing the flyer on Amanda’s IG advertising that she had two spots left. I immediately went to RSVP and sadly saw that I was too late, but even through the disappointment I decided to just make it a point to make the next event. So not even a day later I received an email from Amanda that she had two spots open and if I was still interested that I could sign up. When I tell y’all I’ve never replied to an email faster than I did at that moment! I was NOT about to miss this opportunity lol.

So the day had finally come for the brunch and I was both equally excited and nervous because I was walking into an event where I knew absolutely no one and normally I don’t do things like that. But what I’ve learned as a new blogger is that there will be plenty of times that I will have to be able to stand on my own and venture out to different events that would normally be out of my comfort zone. But hey no one ever said that growth would be comfortable right? So to Uptown Dallas I ventured since the event would be held at Taco’s and Tequila on their rooftop. After making it to the location I made my way up to the rooftop and was greeted by Amanda who was so down to earth and welcoming! I was one of the first women there so I had pretty great choice of seats to pick from. Not too long after I arrived women started trickling in and we got started after a good number had been seated. We went through introductions and learned a little about each other which was nice then we were handed different quotes to read for the group.

“Growth is when you’re transitioning to a new season of life. People and situations that no longer fit you fade. Don’t fight the process” – unknown

This was my quote and let me tell y’all this was something that I definitely  needed to read. I’ve felt like the entire 2016 year has been one big transition and I’ve noticed that a lot of people that I thought would be around for a while are no longer relevant in my life. To say that I struggled with that is an understatement because I desperately tried to hold on to friendships when God was clearly trying to tell me that I needed to move on. Basically not everyone will be able to come with you to the next season that God has for you and that’s okay. You remember what you learned from those experiences and you keep them to be a reminder of the past.

Overall I am so grateful for this experience and I’m excited to attend another one! The overwhelming support from all these different women from different backgrounds joining together and just giving all of the #BlackGirlMagic was amazing. It’s so great to be able to come together as women to help each other and not try to be in competition. I learned so much and was able to network and make some really valuable connections.

I strongly urge all of my fellow women in the DFW area to attend the next #BWLBrunch which will be November 5th, you can actually RSVP here ! Also be sure to follow the founder Amanda on IG @iamamandabell  and her website


(Amanda and I after the brunch serving you FACE lol!)


Dress: So fun fact this is actually a night shirt from Goodwill and only cost me $2.99 🙂

Shoes: Click Here

Sunglasses : Similar  shades Click Here

Photos Taken by a fellow blogger! @michelefierce

This does wrap up another post so until next time stay gorgeous!



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