Contentment In Your Current Season

Let me start by saying that I started writing these post because I wanted to be honest about my life and everything that a young Christian adult might go through. I believe being transparent as a Christian is so important because often times non believers and even some believers view us as being perfect and holy thou art. That couldn’t be any further than the truth lol Christians go through so much its crazy, sometimes I feel like there is a constant attack on my life to be honest. But before I go off on a tangent I will go ahead and jump in to today’s topic which is being content in your current season!

This  is especially important to me with being in the season I’m currently in  ( my single season!) and basically keeping the mindset to enjoy it and be content with being in this season. I think personally for me one of the hardest things with being single right now is seeing so many people my age in relationships, getting engaged, getting married, and starting families. Now don’t get me wrong I love being but at the same time I can’t help but wonder when is it my turn? Which then leads to discontentment and me losing focus on what I need to do and BAM I’m back where I started. Y’all this is an attack of the enemy. He knows how to distract us and the right temptation to dangle in front of our eyes. What we have to realize, and I say we because I’m speaking to myself as well, is that sometimes God chose us to be in this season for a reason! It could be that he has chosen a different path for  us or that we aren’t ready for what we desire. I know first hand that I am not ready to be a wife or a mother. It would be a hot mess to be honest lol.

Y’all I really can’t stress enough the importance on being content in your current season. You have a purpose and somewhere someone is counting on you to fulfill that purpose! You never know what blessings and opportunities you could miss out on because you’re focused on something that you’re not even ready for yet. 1 Timothy 6:6-7 says ” But godliness with contentment is great gain. For we brought nothing into the world, and we can take nothing out of it”. God wants to and will gives us the desires of our hearts according to his will but first we have to be content with what he has blessed us with in this current season.

This does wrap up yet another post so thank you so so so much for reading and I hope you were able to be encouraged by this! The support I’ve received so far has been overwhelming and I don’t think there are words to express truly how I’m grateful I am!

I love you all and stay beautiful!


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